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Frank Newbraugh Korbett

After 8 years of college in Pittsburgh, completing 4 degrees (BA Physics/English; BS Chemistry/Psychology; MA Literature; MEd Counseling) Frank moved to Washington, D.C. where he did contract work for DOE, EPA, DOI and DOD specializing in residential energy analysis.

He developed the Flueguard stack heat reclaimer and moved to Detroit where he promoted energy consevation products through solar energy companies. During this time he helped build a trade association (NESA - National Energy Specialists Association) from 30 to over 800 member companies and became its President.

He then spent the next 8 years as a speaker, publisher, trainer and conference coordinator throughout the US and Canada. During this time he published a quarterly journal (the Energy Specialist), developed a training program (the Cretified Energy Reduction Specialist), wrote the definative textbook on energy conservation (Practical Energy Conservation) and was ultimately responsible for the education of tens of thousands of conservation practioners.

Frank retired to Pensacola. After owning and managing Bleachers Beach Bar in the late 90's and creating and webmastering in the early 2000's, Frank realized that retirement was not his forte. He recognized that although his greatest contributions had been in energy conservation, over the last 20 years the advances made during the previous 20 years had been lost and forgotten.

Thus he has committed to rebuilding the conservation industry starting in the residential sector and has founded RESA (Residential Energy Specialist Associates) to reintroduce energy conservation and radiant barrier to the local homeowner.

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